Dr. Arapaut V. Sivaprasad - Awards and Honours

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Major Awards, Honours and Achievements
Honours and Memberships
Special Membership American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Show Details
Invited Member New York Academy of Sciences. Show Details
Biography Record Directory of Members, New York Academy of Sciences. Show Details
Certificate of Merit Marquis Publications, NJ, USA.. Show Details
Biography Record Who's Who in the World, by Marquis Publications, NJ, USA. Show Details
Certificate of Merit International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England. Show Details
Biography Record Dictionary of International Biography, by International Biographical Centre. USA. Show Details
Invitation to join Who's Who in IT, by Marquis Publications, NJ, USA. Declined.  
Invitation to join Honours' list of the American Biographical Institute. Declined.  
Nomination Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  
Successful Indian in Australia Interview in online journal. Show Details
Interim membership Australian Mensa.  
IT Awards
Consensus Software Award Commonwealth Govt of Australia and Microsoft. Show Details
Secrets of IT Innovation Award Commonwealth Govt of Australia. Show Details
Silicon Valley Mission Austrade and Australian Financial Review.  
Australian Patent For 'RealMail' email security software. Foundation for BoxSentry Pty Ltd. Show Details
US, Europe and World (PCT) patent For 'RealMail' version 2 Show Details
Commercial Achievements
WebGenie Software Pty Ltd. Ecommerce software development. First IT company accepted into SA Govt's "Playford Centre". Invented several software tools for ecommerce and online security.  
SearchHound Inc., USA Trade sale of company followed by NASDAQ and Berlin stock exchange listing. Show Details
BoxSentry Pte Ltd., Singapore Established in Australia as BoxSentry Pty Ltd. Moved to Singapore under substantial private investment and exited in trade sale.  
Silicon Valley Mission Organised by Austrade and Australian Financial Review, Participant: WebGenie Software Pty Ltd.  
India Trade Mission Led by South Australian Premier in 2005. Participant: BoxSentry Pty Ltd.  
Major Commercial Achievement World's first commercial shopping cart software to create online stores by small businesses. Pioneered, if not started, the online shopping revolution.  
Major Commercial Achievement World's first commercial affiliate tracking software. Pioneered the online banner advertisement revolution.  
Major Commercial Achievement World's first child-safe search engine, SearchHound. Introduced a feature of today's search engines to automatically block undesirable content. Also introduced parental control on what children can view. Exited via trade sale and got listed on Nasdaq and Berlin stock exchanges.  
Academic Achievements
National Science Talent Search Award (NSTS) Government of India scholarship for undergraduate through to Ph.D. study and research. Awarded to the top 0.1% of candidates nationally (now increased to 0.3%). "...a national-level scholarship program as well as one of the most prestigious examinations in India to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent." (Quote from Wikipedia). Show Details
Bachelor of Science Degree Kerala Agricultural University, India. Graduated with University first rank. Show Details
Junior Research Fellowship Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Govt of India, for Masters study and research. To replace the NSTS scholarship. Declined.  
Master of Science degree Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India. One of the most prestigious Universities in India and Internationally recognised Research Institute. Admission to their masters programme was by invitation only. The NSTS award and ICAR fellowship were criteria for invitation. Show Details
Master of Science thesis in Genetics Structure of the gene regulating the expression of the peptidoglycan layer in bacterial cell wall. Potential in drugs development. Show Details
Senior Research Fellowship IARI, Govt of India, for Ph.D. study and research. To replace the NSTS scholarship. Accepted.  
Ph.D. research scholarship and degree University of Adelaide, Australia, for Ph.D. research. Accepted. Show Details
Ph.D. thesis in Molecular Biology Control of DNA replication in coliphage 186; Basic research to understand the effect of UV radiation on human skin. Discovered a novel mechanism for DNA replication. Potential in skin cancer research. Show Details
Post-Doctoral Fellow University of Adelaide, Genetic engineering of bacterial genes into a mammalian genome.  
Senior Research Fellow University of Adelaide, Continuation of the above project. 10 years to achieve a world's first research outcome.  
Major Scientific Achievement Created the world's first genetically engineered sheep; Main researcher in a multidisciplinary scientific research team. Show Details
Scientific Publications Published more than 15 peer-reviewed scientific papers in international journals. Partial list is shown. Show Details
BioInformatics Software R&D Australian National University, to study the genes for RuBisCO, the key enzyme in photosynthesis. Show Details
Plant BioTechnology Setup the stage for genetic engineering of crop plants for increased productivity.  
Major Software Projects
University of Adelaide, South Australia "BioGenie" - Software suite for Molecular Biology research. Widely used across Universities in Australia.  
WebGenie Software Pty Ltd. "WebGenie" - Ecommerce suite of programs. Widely used around the world by small and medium enterprises (SME).  
SearchHound Inc. "SearchHound" - World's first Pay Per Click (PPE) search engine. Exited in trade sale and listed in Nasdaq and Berlin stock exchanges..
BoxSentry Pty Ltd. "RealMail" - Email security software. Widely used around the world. More than 3.5 million users. Exited in trade sale.  
South Australian Herbarium, SA Govt. Modernising the software and database of SA Herbarium's specimen collection.  
CSIRO, Canberra. Logical Collection Management (LCM) and Optimised Storage Management (OSM) for research data across Australia.  
AIGenie Pty Ltd. "AIGenie" - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Pattern Matching to identify genetic predisposition. Ongoing project.  
WebGenie Software Pty Ltd Cognitive technology for a quantum leap in online shopping. Suspended due to lack of funding.  
WebGenie Software Pty Ltd Artifical Intelligence and Natural Language Processing for competitive advantage for SMEs.  
Geoscience Australia Geospatial satellite data transformation and dissemination. Supercomputer parallel programming in Python and Perl. AWS cloud.
National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) at ANU Geospatial satellite data visualisation and dissemination. Supercomputer concurrency programming in Golang.  
Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Machine Learning, AI and Natural Language Processing for census feedback. Lambda concurrency programming in AWS cloud.  
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Ongoing project.  
Surname Statistics The word Sivaprasad has a web popularity of 780,000 pages. Yet, the "web synthesis about this name" has a description matching this profile as the first of just 4 entries. Show Details
Australian Mensa Interim membership. Preliminary IQ test gave a score within top 3% of the population. Required to undergo a second test, and get into the top 2%, before full membership could be granted. Due to lack of enough candidates, the Mensa organisation could not arrange the second test and asked me to arrange it at my own expense. For a student living on a scholarship of $90 p/w it was not affordable, and the membership lapsed.  

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